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Proof/Yield Strength required for EN1A carbon steel

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    Hi guys,

    i have been searching for ages to get figures for the proof or yield strength of EN1A steel, which is now known as 220M07 as per BS970.

    I have managed to obtain the Tensile strength, but would anyboday please be able to help point me in the right direction to data for the yield or proof strength.

    Thanks in Advance,

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    Google is your friend:

    http://www.buau.com.au/english/files/BMS.pdf [Broken]
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    Many thanks Timmay

    just what i needed

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    No worries. From my far from extensive search I established that there's a wide range of reported values, so you may wish to either use the lowest value for conservative estimates or take the spread into account in your safety factors.
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    Re: Breaking strain required for Steel En1A (BS 970)

    Dear all,

    anyboday please be able to help point me in the right direction to get the data Breaking strain for Steel En1A (BS 970)

    i have Data
    young's modulus=207000MPa
    Poisson’s ratio : 0.3
    Yield stress : 305MPa
    Breaking stress : 480MPa

    Thanks in Advance,

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