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Math Prospects for Math major EE minor applying for signals related EE PhD?

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    I'm a math major having taken 1st yr physics, programming, lab electronics, and a EE minor of 4-5 courses on signal processing and linear systems (including couple grad courses). I'm also doing medical imaging research w/ the EE dept this summer. I didn't major in EE b/c I've no interest in MOSFETS and digital design (and I get to graduate a year early w/ my current plans).

    How disadvantaged am I applying to EE PHD programs (concentrating on signals related stuff) compared to BSEEs, if at all? Thank you :)
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    As long as you work in theory/computation groups in signal processing and communications, you should be fine. You'll want recommendations from EE professors you've collaborated with. Applied Mathematics will also help.

    PS -- Many statistics departments have people working on statistical signal processing, channel estimation, etc.
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