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Ps3,x-box360 or nintendo revolution

  1. May 25, 2005 #1
    If you are getting one, what would it be.

    Im getting the new xbox. simply because of halo 3
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    I already got a Swahilli bootleg version of it, I need to get my Ghanese friends to help me play it.
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    Yeah, i did that with your test tube
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    Sorry, I'm drawing a blank...
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    Ah, but your not that artistically inclined, to DRAW a blank.

    aka your dumb.
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    I could figure that out. I'm not dumb...

    Liquid Paper was invented by Bette Nesmith in 1951. She drew a blank intentionaly (Zoobyshoe)
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    Zach Bosch invented the smack a physicsforums poster with keyboard technique
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    Under the arm, over the sholder, whubammm!
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    ps3 will be the best imo. its the most powerful and sony owns the market. xbox only did good b/c it was the most powerful at the time and had xbox live. now ps3 will take it all back for sony. btw i think halo sux tbh lol.
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    *DRAGON KICKS YOU*.. Watches you kneel to my overzealous ass.



    lol, but really, what would you get
  12. May 25, 2005 #11
    I read somewhere that by 2010 Microsoft will overtake the lead in console market. can't beat the 500 pound marketing gorrilla.
  13. May 25, 2005 #12
    I personally liked the PS2 but a friend of mine has X-Box and I came to enjoy that aswell. I'm not really sure. Either way I'm not that into video games.
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    I'd like to say that I am deeply concerned.

    I am deeply concerned about the future of video games.

    What specifically am I concerned about? Microsoft.

    No, not because I already dislike them, but because they just might destroy the industry.

    Lets go back to the days of the NES.

    Nintendo comes out with a system made by a company designed purely for the purpose of making video games. Most people had shrugged video games off; they thought it was a dead enterprise. Not true. The NES was huge. Nintendo then came out with the SNES, and gamers rejoiced. Sega also formed, purely for the purpose of making games. These two companies led a sort of golden era for video games. Anyone who played an early system can probably recall every level of every game they played. These games were, and still are, treasures. Whether you were monster jaming with Bill Clinton or getting max speed with Sonic, or finally figuring out the damn forest in Zelda, it was incredible.

    Sony jumped in with the next generation. Their purpose? To make money. Sure, they were making games, but only because they could make money. And they were using technology that Nintendo developed and sold to them (The CD technology).

    Everyone can agree, though, that the third generation of consoles, the N64 and Playstation were uber 1337. Starfox is one of my all time favorites. Ocarina of Time... I get wet just thinking about it. Tomb Raider became the first game that was popuar not just for gameplay and storyline.

    Sega died with the Dreamcast as the PS2 and X-Box dominated sales. Gamecubes got a really bad rip. So called "Gamers" (Most of whom had only been gaming since Tomb Raider or the latest installment of Madden or Tony Hawk) said it sucked, so they bought X-Boxes. Of course, the only place the Gamecube was greatly inferior was the lack of DVD play. Microsoft did their thing, where they made their system slightly superior and played it off as the end all system of great orgasms. Except a full system costed about $350.99. They took a lot of the third party support from Nintendo, because they had more money and wanted to make more. Not because they wanted to make great games, but because, first and foremost, they wanted money.

    Nintendo got slapped for not being as powerful. I'm not saying Microsoft is "Evil", but name a game oher than Halo (ANY GAME) that Microsoft has made. You can't.

    All of the Nintendo's best are their own creations. All of them. That's how it should be.

    You know what I think is going to happen? The X-Box 360 is going to be great. The new PS and Nintendo systems won't match up.

    Then what? Microsoft will do whatever the hell they want with the gaming industry.

    Whatever they want. Because they'll have the power. Hell, watch them buy EA or something. Then they'd get exclusive rights to you mother. Yes, YOUR mom. The star of a series of bad video games and creepy porn movies. Then they'll take her contract and dump on her chest.

    I want Nintendo back in the Driver's seat. A game company run by gamers, out to make great games.

    Not a corporation run by a power hungry CEO out to take what they can get.

    Remember.... Exclusive rights to your mother!
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