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Pthread.h on ATmega32 micrcontroller

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    Ok This might be really stupid but I have been finding conflicting answers and getting very confused.

    I am trying to program an Atmel ATmega32 using embedded C. This is my first time and I wanted to know if I can use threads in the programming.

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    IIRC, most microcontrollers don't do threading. You can simulate it using interrupts, I believe.

    Quick test of avr-gcc:
    Code (Text):

    me@linuxbox:~$ avr-gcc test.c
    test.c:1:21: error: pthread.h: No such file or directory

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    Looking at atmel's documentation, it's a single cpu. If you want to do multi-threading you'll need to write or obtain a multi-threading operating system for the atmega328. The only operating system for the atmega328 I see in this wiki article is BRTOS, which is apparently free (MIT license).


    link to brtos from wiki article:


    It's also possible that your atmega328 came with software that included a multi-threading operating system.
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