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Math Public relations to math and statistics.

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    I mentioned in a thread on here almost a year ago now that I was considering making a change into math, after entertaining several other options and figuring out that I really enjoy math, and especially probabilty, I have decided to to move toward getting either another bachelor or a masters in statistics. The problem is despite my reading on my own about math, I have never taken anything formal beyond pre-calculus (I was an enormous slacker in high school, and had some other issues). I am confident that if I was placed in a calculus class I would be fine because I have picked it up fairly well with the help of a friend, and self study. That said where do I even begin with a completely unrelated degree, and hardly enough math to even work toward a bachelors? I mean can I test out of lower level math classes (by lower level, I mean necessary high school math). Could I go to a community college and work up? My goal is not to get into extremely heavy math like one who was getting their Phd would work on, but rather to have a job in stats for government or a private company. I assume this would have me taking multivariables, linear algebra, and up through calc 3, right? Thanks so much!
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    I am no expert, but to get a job with the title of "statistician" you will need quite a few more math classes than the ones you mentioned. Calculus-based statistics courses are the first big step.
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    Starting at a community college is a great idea. Perfect for someone like you, who is looking to make a career change.

    Have you looked into Actuarial Science?
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    Those are the pre-requisites for the courses you would need to take to earn a Master's degree in statistics. Here are the http://www.cefns.nau.edu/Academic/Math/degreePrograms/documents/MS_Stat_CompExam.pdf" from the school where I did my Bachelor's degree.

    Regression analysis only requires calculus and a prior statistics course as pre-requisites, but when you move on to Mathematical Statistics I and II, you will need some coursework in set theory and analysis first. Linear algebra is not listed, but you will need that too. You will end up needing about 18-21 credit hours in math before you can get started on graduate level statistics.
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