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Publishing in High Energy Physics ?

  1. Sep 17, 2012 #1
    I am planning to publish a paper after extending my MS thesis work. What i am planning to to do is not something new. Some people worked on those recently i will extend that for more models using their formalism. But to do that lots of numerical and computational work is needed. I have written my own codes. Generated standard results.

    So please suggest me some journals where my submission can fit well. As i am not doing something very new i will stay away from journals like physics review D .
    What about Journal of High Energy Physics ? Their quality is very good too and they are very quick to accept and publish online i guess.

    Please suggest me something... I will apply to grad school for fall 2013. so its very important for me to publish . :-s
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    What about seeking advice from your advisor who supervised your MS thesis? He/she should have a better idea on the level of your work and the appropriate journal.

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    Ok. Thank you.
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