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Pulsing DC current through coils

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    What hardware do I need to buy if I want to pulse DC power, say 12v through some regular coils with iron cores.

    Can I use a regular power supply connected to some other device?
    How would I pulse the output of the power supply?
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    So far, your question is a bit too open-ended for a reasonable answer. As with all Engineering questions, the quantities involved are highly relevant. Are we talking in terms of mA, A or tens of A? What would the inductance of your 'coils' be?
    In the end, this affects whether you can use an OP amp, Audio Power-Amp technology or Serious Power switching circuitry. Any driver that you use must be able to handle the high voltage spikes that the pulsed current will generate (creating and dissipating the magnetic energy). But I guess this is why you asked the question :smile:.
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    Thanks sophie.
    Let's say 5A more or less.
    I'm not sure what the inductance would be but the coils will be on say 15cm ferrite rods for varying amounts of wire.
    Sorry I'm no expert.
    I have DC power supplies, could I buy another device that would connect up with it to vary the power output?
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    I can't help you yet. Perhaps a bit more of a clue about the actual application?
    It is necessary to know the duration and repetition rate and absolutely necessary to have some clue about the inductance of these coils. Or, at least the construction details (how many turns, the radius and the core material).
    So far you have done the equivalent of saying "I need a cardboard box". We need to know how big and how strong it needs to be before anyone can help you - hence the need to know what sort of thing it's for. You clearly haven't found a box of coils and want to pulse current through them 'to see what happens' (?).
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