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Pushing more weight than you, does muscle matter?

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    No need to make this question any more difficult than it needs to be. Simple, right? Please view the attachment, as it is the question.

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    The questions seem ill-posed and/or incomplete.

    The answer to the first question depends on the coefficient of friction between the plates and the floor. The answer may be one, both, or neither move.

    For the second scenario, you haven't said what is trying to be accomplished. Assuming that you have the hydraulic actuator slowly being extended, the 200 lb weight will be pushed away from the 300 lb weight due to the difference in friction between each object and the floor.
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    Thats all I really needed to know. This started out as an argument between my cousin and I. We were both laying on the floor and trying to pull eachother towards ourselves. I explained to him that the problem was that, not that I was not strong enough to pull him, but that I did not weigh enough. He weighs 230 pounds and I weight about 140. Every time I tried to pull him towards me, I just moved towards him. He kept saying, and actually believed it was because I was not strong enough. I set up many models to prove to him that he was wrong and that I was right. I would have loved to be proved wrong, but in this case I know that because of my weight, I could not have enough friction between myself and the floor. I really had no choice but to try and get someone else's opinion.
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