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PWM and IGBT for 200V bulb dimmer

  1. Sep 9, 2011 #1
    Greetings! This is my first thread.

    I am creating a 200V bulb dimmer using PWM and IGBT. Currently, this is how I connect the components:

    The output of the PWM goes into the gate of IGBT.
    The bulb connects in series with the 220V supply and the collector of IGBT.
    The emitter of IGBT is put to ground.

    The problem is, I cannot make the bulb turn on.

    Please help. Schematic diagrams is of great help.
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    I would start by just applying power the the IGBT gate and seeing if you can get the bulb to turn on and then moving towards PWM using it.

    Other than that it sounds like you have the right idea.
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    What is the part number for the IGBT and how many watts is the bulb? Are you switching DC or AC?
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    I would like to know which is better for PWM application: IGBT or MOSFETS? Here are the specs for maximum ratings:

    1. The supply voltage is 400V.
    2. The output of PWM is 5V @ 40 KHz

    What IGBT/MOSFETS device suit the most of this ratings? Please provide link for the datasheet. A sample switch schematic of that device is of great help.
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    I think that you miss to put driver for the igbt that you have.

    IGBT and mosfets require voltage on their gate up to 12 or 15 volt in order to turn them on, and this is insured using igbt or mosfet drive ir2110.

    see the data sheet of ir2110 to see the connection.
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