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QM Text with many worked examples

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    I'm looking for a text with loads of worked examples , plenty of exercises,
    and since I'm working alone , a solutions manual - or some access to the answers - is vital.
    Currently working Griffiths.
    The only way to master this demon is by doing dozens of problems.
    Any suggestions appreciated.

    [ My background is primary degree in maths.+ masters in theoretical physics BUT 40 years ago.my ambition is to "understand" QED/QFT before I <d|I|e> ]
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    Although many of Schaum's outlines are worthless, their QM book is quite good. You might want to look at that.
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    Practical Quantum Mechanics, by Siegfried Flugge
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    There is an excellent set of lecture notes by Prof. John Norbury on both quantum mechanics and quantum field theory. These are freely available online. Just google norbury+physics.
    In the quantum mechanics lecture notes he essentially follows Griffiths' book but there are a lot of problems and complete solutions to them.
    Moreover, these are written at an undergraduate level, so are relatively easy to understand.
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    Thanks for the suggestions
    The Norbury notes look very interesting , however the diagrams are missing
    when I unzip the .rar files. Any ideas how to fix this?
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    Unfortunately that's a problem and I don't know a way out.
    Maybe you could email Norbury and request him to send a pdf with diagrams.
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