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I Quantifying Static Electricity Hazard with High Explosives

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    In the making of firework explosives, the explosive mixtures are handled with great care to avoid static electricity induced detonation of the explosives. Is it a good idea that they store the explosives in a plastic container - isn't there a risk of static buildup that could detonate the explosives?
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    There are detailed codes for the manufacture of fireworks. I urge you to consult those rather than ask strangers on the Internet.

    Sorry, But I don't have a link to the code.
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    I was surprised at a few thing in the video.... No antistatic wrist straps? Man wearing a sweatshirt made of ?? rather than an antistatic overall?
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    Yeah, no kidding. Darwin Award applicant in the making, IMO.

    @chemisthypnos -- Here are a few links you may find useful ("Intrinsic Safety" and "Explosion Proof"):

    http://www.transcat.com/media/pdf/cordex-is-explosion-proof.pdf (includes some standards)



    Good advice. :smile:
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