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Quantum field theory of condensed matter

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    I was wondering if anyone has a good introductory article about QFT applied to condensed matter physics.

    I know a bit about condensed matter physics, and a bit of QFT applied to particle physics.

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    "Quantum Field Theory in Condensed Matter Physics", A. M. Tsvelik @ CUP (1995, sec. ed. 2003).

    "Principles of condensed matter physics", P. M. Chaikin & T. C. Lubensky @ CUP (1995)

    "A Guide to Feynman Diagrams in the Many-body Problem" R. D. Mattuck @ Dover (1992)

    Kittel's "Quantum Theory of Solids" is old, but I liked it.

    Sorry, those are not articles. Until a condensed matter physicist provides you with such a review, you can look up for specific references of your insterest. I can dig them up from those books if you request more specifically what you are interested in, because the topic is quite vast.
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    yeah I have found many books on amazon and so on, but just wanted a quick introduction

    thanx anyway:-)
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    Ah but as I said, the topic is incredibely wide. Conformal methods by themselves can be studied a life time long, and I do not believe they are simple enough to be in a short review. Zee's book deals quite well with quite a few ideas.

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    The standard textbooks are:
    1. Abrikosov, Gorkov & Dzyaloshinski
    2. Fetter & Wallecka
    3. Mahan

    None of these is a quick introduction. Mattuck's book is definitely a quicker read than any of the above. Also, a partial introduction can be had from the first 4 chapters of Schwabl (Adv. QM).
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    Recommend one book
    Quantum Field Theory of Many-Body Systems
    by Xiao-gang Wen
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    I like Alex Altland's book, "Condensed Matter Field Theory"
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    Dr Transport

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    Mattuck's text is about the shortest intro to field theory in condensed matter physics, I learned quite a bit from it when I read it. The other texts mentioned are way too long for an introduction to the area.
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