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Quantum intersesting questions

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    What would be the similarities and differences if live in a universe in which nuclei(eg proton in an H atom) have a negative charge and electrons have a positive charge? Support ideas with quantum mechanics...

    Last question..what would be the consequences if time continually decreases rather than increase. Again support ideas with quantum mech/mathematics.
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    In the second part, are you asking what would happen if time is reversed? If so, than I say let's also switch left and right. Then we have reversed charge, time, and direction. In this case nothing will change since field theory is CPT invariant.

    If you want to look at each case specifically, the processes may change depending on what you are looking at.

    In summary, if we flip the charges, reverse time and space, nothing will change, but if we only do one or two of these it depends.
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    Louis Cypher

    Technicaly this answer is correct, but a better answer would be I don't know?

    If one cannot physically test an idea then one predicts the results using quantum mechanics one comes up with the answer given but what about QED no not Quantum electro Dynamics which was to be proven.

    The answer is I can make a guess but I dont know wether it's right or indeed If what I'm basing my guessing on is in fact true ergo ?

    Philosophy I know but what if quantum mechanics is wrong?

    It at leasts bares thinking about
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