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Quantum Mechanics for Military Officers

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    Quantum mechanics for military officers
    Andrei Khrennikov
    Plenary talk at International Conference "Foundations of Probability and Physics-4", Vaxjo, June-2006, and at the Congress of "Quantum Structures Association", Malta, July-2006

    "We present a trivial probabilistic illustration for representation of quantum mechanics as an algorithm for approximative calculation of averages."


    I suspect that the title of this paper is an example of what could be called "Slavic irony".
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    So much of physics can be derived from the first principle of only use as many terms in the Taylor expansion as are needed to make the theory not completely trivial.

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    No. Read the start of his section 2, where he describes his principle source, and then look at the accompanying footnote. It would be a bold man who would publish a deliberate snarkism at the expense of his father-in-law, an artillery officer.

    Let's not forget Ramanujan trained himself out of another special purpose cookbook.
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    Disgruntled father-in-law with access to artillery, wife spending the weekend at the casino with Mom . . .
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