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Quasiparticle Confusion

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    I am confused as to what a quasi particle is. I know that it only occurs when a microscopic system acts in an unorthodox way, but are they truly a particle? Are they fundamental? Have they been proven? If the answer to all of these questions is yes, why are they excluded from the standard model?
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    You are confused. A quasi-particle is a description of the collective motion of many particles. This description has some features of particle motion. One simple example is the "hole". You can treat a crystal with N positions, N-1 of them filled as either an N-1 particle system, or a complete N particle crystal and a single hole. The second description is usually computationally simpler.
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    Try reading this, for example:


    You should have posted this in the solid state physics forum. Quasiparticles of various forms are a common occurrences in this field. And yes, they have been thoroughly verified!

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