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Queen Sonja of Norway's art debut

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    Our (Consort) Queen Sonja has for years been known as a patron of the arts.
    Of high-bourgeouis origin (her father was just a bulk merchant of clothes fabrics, nobility was abolished in the 1820s Norway),
    she has also had the reputation of an insufferably nobility-aspiring b*tch (in particular with respect to her servants). This year, she debuts with 8 paintings at an art exhibition, and I must say I'm quite impressed. Our queen certainly shows taste, refinement, and a definite sense of class, whatever art critics might say (slide show in link following):
    Our neighbouring country, Denmark, has a Reigning Queen, Margrethe who has proven herself an able illustrator of beloved fairy-tales, and shares with our own King Harald the laidback, self-confident and charming sense of their own inherited, exalted position that a "mere" spouse like Sonja rarely develops..
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    I actually liked a few of them.
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