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Question About Accepting an Internship

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    Hi guys. I recently got into an internship where I would be doing research in bionanotechnology. My first problem is that I randomly applied for it, not knowing anything about bionanotechnolog. My second problem is the fact that I have not heard back from all of the other internships that I applied for in astrophysics. I need to accept or reject the offer fairly soon, so what should I do? Should I go into a field I have never considered and see if I get lucky, or should I wait for the other offers and make my decision then, but with the risk of losing this first opportunity? Thanks for your help!
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    I'd probably at least contact those others you've applied to and tell them the situation. At least the one(s) that you want the most.
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    Similarly, you could try getting the bionano offer extended; explain your situation, and they might be able to wait a bit longer for your answer.
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    Thanks guys, I'll do that.
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