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Question about electron diffraction

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    When firing electrons at a small slit, does the resulting interference pattern appearing on a screen behind the slit change significantly depending on whether the electrons are "aimed" at the center of the slit compared to the edges of the slit? Any references with more info about this?
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    Yes, the distance between the slits, the size of the slits, and the point at which they are aimed all matter.
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    I am referring to a single slit in particular, fixed width. I am wondering how the interference pattern changes as a function of where the electrons are aimed relative to the slit (assuming the source is not rotated but translated so that the electrons are aimed at one edge of the slit for example).

    Any references or links with this information would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Anyone know if/how the interference pattern changes as the electrons are aimed at different portions of the slit?
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    The pattern bars are a similar shape as the slits.
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