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Medical Question about eructations

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    I recently ate some bad meat (as in bad tasting) in a taco, which gave me bad stomach aches and indigestion. Every time that I eructed I could smell and taste the taco, even 18-21 hours after I had eaten it. Was I really smelling/ tasting it, or was it all in my head? Is it possible to still taste something you ate even after 18-21 hours?
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    If your body reacted by sequestering the food in your stomach (to allow acids to kill the bad stuff) rather than passing it on to the lower digestive tract, why not? I'm not a doctor, but I've had food "come back" on me for fairly extended periods, and it is possible that this is a defense mechanism.

    Note: In the past several years, since I have been growing and processing lots of hot chili peppers and liberally using them in my cooking and as garnishes/relishes, this has not been a problem. I noticed it more when I was traveling for business a lot, eating out, and generally wolfing down low-fiber meals.
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