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Question about international editions of textbooks?

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    The international addition of "Chemistry: The Molecular Nature of Matter and Change" I bought just arrived, and on the cover it says, "This International Student Edition is not to be sold or purchased in North America and contains content that is different from its North American version."

    I live in Canada. Now I know there is no legal validity to the first part of that warning, but the part that worries me is the supposedly different content. The sellers on eBay of the international edition all stipulate that the content is identical, but now that I know it says directly on the book that the content is different, I'm not sure I should take off the cellophane.

    Should I pay any attention to the content warning and resell the book, or is it just the publisher being conniving, like they are with their "not to be sold" garbage?
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    You could compare the table of contents. I think the following link will have the TOC for the edition sold in the US:

    I don't know about chemistry books, but I've browsed through international editions of math textbooks in bookstores when I was in Korea, and in those books the differences were that they used the metric system for units instead of the US customary system.

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