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Classical mechanics textbook question [Indian edition?]

  1. Mar 14, 2013 #1
    Hello, so i just recieved a copy of introduction to classical mechanics by kleppner and kolenkow in the mail today. I was so excited unwrapping it but when i saw it i was very disspointed. it turns out the person sent me the "special indian edition". i was pretty upset and i'm thinking of returning it. But before i do i want to know if anyone has this version of the book and if it is any different than the north american version. its in english, and SI units. but i dont know if the material is different or not.
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    Country wise Editions is edited by Professors of that country for being suitable for their Universities. All editions is slightly different but contents is very same. If it is for Self-Study then continue with it but if you can get the Returns then use US edition or International Edition.
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