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Quantum Sakurai International Edition Missing Chapter

  1. Feb 12, 2017 #1
    This is regarding Sakurai Napolitano's Modern Quantum Mechanics 2nd Edition (as opposed to the revised edition).
    It seems that the chapter 8 on the Relativistic Quantum Mechanics is missing from all Pearson International Editions (printed in Indian subcontinent or Malaysia/Thailand [Person New International Edition]). I have used many Person international editions, and aside from the paper/ print quality and sometimes minor page number differences, I have found the books to be identical to the US editions.

    Is this is new trick by the Publisher to discourage purchase of international edition by US customers? If you do own the 2nd edition (not the red revised edition) of Sakurai in either any international edition or US hardcover, would you please leave a note saying whether your book includes chapter 8 on Relativistic Quantum Mechanics?
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    Yes, Pearson has been omitting chapters and indexes and producing very low quality international versions for a couple of years now. It does appear that this is to stop US customers from buying the international version, but it means they are really effing us outside the US. We have complained very loudly with our local sales representative about this. David Griffiths has also been vocal about this on his website, and his book Introduction to Quantum Mechanics appears to now be published by Cambridge University Press.
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    For what its worth, 9780321503367-uk-300.jpg includes chapter 8
    but modern-quantum-mechanics-400x400-imadspdyng4zrzmq.jpe does not.
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