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Question about printing with FORTRAN

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    Hey guys,

    I tried looking around on the web and came back without much luck..

    Is it possible to print FORTRAN output using FORTRAN code? When I say "print," I mean to a local printer such as a laserjet.. not just printing to the terminal screen..

    I've searched pretty intensely on the internet, but haven't found much at all.. I was hoping you guys could at least point me in the right direction.

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    Once upon a time, when I learned Fortran more than 35 years ago, a certain I/O unit number was always associated with the "line printer," I think it was 3, so you could write something like WRITE (3, 20) FOO, BAR to write to the printer. But that was in the days of hard-wired printers and before software-based printer interfaces (drivers).

    Your compiler might have an option available in the OPEN statement that allows you to associate a unit number with a locally-connected printer, or more properly, with its printer driver. You'll have to look in your compiler's manual. It's probably compiler- and OS- specific.
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