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Homework Help: Question on Null and Image Space! matrices! wee!

  1. Nov 29, 2005 #1
    Hello everyone!! I'm alittle confused, my professor found the Null space after some students didn't get how to do it, such as myself. Here is the image and problem:
    http://img497.imageshack.us/img497/4161/lastscan9es.jpg [Broken]
    Thats the row reduced forum of the orginal matrix. The orginal matrix was:
    -1 4 1
    7 -9 0
    10 3 -3
    -9 1 2

    he added a column of 0's so it wuold make it a square matrix, then he row reduced to get the matrix in the link.
    I understand where the Null space of A is:

    that makes sense to me, but then he adds in:
    d =
    why is that also a set of vectors in the Null space? d is just all 0's, how can he have a 1 also?

    Then i'm lost on what i'm suppose to do to find the image space, you can see my work in the image above. What do i do after i set them equal to r,s,t,u? Thanks! :smile:
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    I was going to make a new thread, but its the same question different problem. Did I find the correct image space on this problem?
    http://img500.imageshack.us/img500/2195/lastscan7tn.jpg [Broken]
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