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Question on software free trials

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    I have a question regarding software free trials. Lot of proprietary software give free trials for few days. Now if I uninstall the software just some days before the trial period ends, and I re install it, does it give me the original trial period again ? How does the software know
    about this ?
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    My guess: the supplier notes the ID of the computer when you download and keeps a record of the date. Presumably when you download a second time, the original entry can be referenced.
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    mathman that makes sense
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    It's also possible that the original installation puts a flag in the registry that will have the same effect as what mathman suggested.

    EDIT: but in ANY case, I'd be very surprised if you can find any substantial software that allows multiple installations of the trial version.
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    What you are asking about is illegal. Please do not post like this again here on the PF.

    Thread is closed.
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