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Question regarding Double cantilevered Beam

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    I was just looking around for a formula for the deflection of a center-loaded beam that is cantilevered at both ends.

    For some reason my text does not have one. It does however have the deflection of a beam cantilevered at its end and I am thinking the two cases should be very similar if not identical, but I am having trouble rationalizing (or un-rationalizing) this.

    Can someone clue me in here?

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    Oh! I just had a thought. I could use the formula for the center-loaded single cantilevered beam


    The formula for a an end-loaded cantilevered beam (opposite direction) whose end-load is equal to the reaction force of the other cantilever....

    I will play with this for a while.
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    You can superimpose results. That is the way to go. However, one quick search did turn up this link:

    http://structsource.com/analysis/types/beam.htm [Broken]

    I believe you're looking at the third from the bottom.
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