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Homework Help: Question regarding Higher Derivatives

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    when working with higher derivatives each time we differentiate a polynomial the degree decreases by 1.

    I am asked to find the second and third derivatives of this polynomial: y=(x^4)(e^x)

    I get the following (pretty sure it's right):

    y`= (x^4)(e^x) + 4(x^3)(e^x)

    y`` = (x^4)(e^x) + 8(x^3)(e^x) + 12(x^2)(e^x)

    y``` = (x^4)(e^x) + 12(x^3)(e^x) + 36(x^2)(e^x) + 24(x)(e^x)

    I thought the degree's of the polynomials were supposed to decrease with each differentiation? Isn't each polynomial still degree 4?

    Where is my error :confused:
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    Your derivatives are right. The problem is that you are not dealing with polynomials. The e^x term is exponential, not polynomial, in nature. So, the properties of polynomials do not necessarily apply here, since your polynomial term in the function is multiplied by and exponential term.
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    arg, I guess I was thrown off by the x^4... that made me think I was dealing with a polynomial. I guess I need to review basic algebra to remind myself what a polynomial is:redface:
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