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B Questions about the Suns magnetic field

  1. Apr 6, 2017 #1
    first off i want to apologize if my questions seem elementary, but if you can please help that would be great

    i would like to know what the Tesla strength of the Suns pole is. again sorry if my idea is dumb but please if you can help please do, i want to solve for I in the magnetic field equation (i think thats correct?)


    again sorry if i have that incorrect

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    Up to 0.2 mT.
    But keep in mind, what you'll get if you plug that into the equation provided, is a relationship between the current that you'd have to run through an infinite straight wire in order to measure magnetic field strength equal to solar polar field strength, as a function of distance from the wire. I'm not sure what would you ever need that for, but as long as you understand the meaning of the result, you should be fine.
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    The sun's average magnetic field strength at the surface is about 2 Gauss, or about 0.0002 Tesla, which is about 1/50th the field strenght of a refrigerator magnet.
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    well if i was wanting the average on the surface then yes simple google already got me there. really guys if you are so smart then why not just give me the information i want instead of trying to insult me. do you guys need to know what im trying to get out of this? no you dont, you are waaaaay to smart for all that.

    i want to see what kind of correlation there is between the distance "r" in that equation and the distances of planets from the sun. but asking you guys to do the math for me would just get insults and ridicule. i dont care if you think my approach is moronic, i not asking for your opinion im asking for numbers.

    i have my ideas and i cant even hope for the miracle someone smart would like to help me out so i have to try it on my own, so i thought i would join this site for that help.

    the model with the infinitely long wire at a specific current gives off a magnetic field, and with the right hand rule the fields (is that correct?) travel counter clockwise. the strength of the field deminishes 1/r^3 correct?

    what i want to see is if planets orbit against these fields or not. do i want you guys to say insulting things at me? no i dont. i like exploring my ideas with help from people not being belittled and insulted because i dont have a masters in physics from UC Berkely.

    so yes thats what i want to look at, and if thats not the best way to go about it then please show me the correct equations that i could try and use to look into my idea. please i dont want insults i just want hel
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    1. No one insulted you. The worst you got was LMGTFY, which was a reasonable response to a very thin question.
    2. It's nice that you acknowledged being a noob, but one thing a noob needs to learn is how to interact here. So far, you haven't learned what "help" looks like and are misinterpreting what you are getting as insults. The nature of help is that people do the best they can - you don't always get exactly what you ask for, but often it is what you need. And they tell you when you are on the wrong track. You need to be more appreciative of that and lose your attitude/chip on your shoulder. Rapidly.

    So. Do you have an idea of how much the magnetic field varies across the surface? How much precision do you really need? The answers you got were closer than an order of magnitude, which is a lot closer than your choice of units would suggest you needed.
    Then you *don't* need the value at the pole, you need the average over the surface.
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    i wish i could draw a picture, because i dont think im getting my question through very good.

    the sun has a magnetic field correct?
    would current be going through its "poles"?
    if so then wouldnt it make magnetic field that rotates counter clockwise if the current was going "up" through the pole?

    so what im asking again is how to solve for the current that is being produced from the sun. then i want to use that with the know distances from the sun to the planets, then use the 1/r^3 equation to see if there are any correlations, i dont know why this is so impossible of a question to ask, im not asking about if there is an afterlife or whats the meaning to life. just help how to find current, and if thats the best equation to use, or do i need to use an equation for a toroid shape instead.

    and im not trying to have a "chip" on my shoulder, i ask a question and then instead of help i get rick rolled. the only "help" i have received is a link to info on the sun, and i already found that so assuming im an idiot i thought i needed the pole not the surface average.

    anyways can i get some help or not?
  9. Apr 6, 2017 #8
    well this is what my mind was imagining and i thought i would come to a place like this for the math to see it......pretty much what i envisioned was the "parker spiral"

    still though i want to see how that correlates the the orbits of the planets

  10. Apr 6, 2017 #9
    good thing the eugene parker dude was super smart, otherwise i would be stuck here getting rick rolled lol

    looks like he is a badass for sure! but im sure any of my questions he would roll his eyes at me as well

    anyways now i have some new ideas

    so you have a sphere, floating in a liquid medium. the sphere vibrates at different frequencies and also spins. yes i know you guys have all done this and nothing happened, but i dont know that so please tell me what would happen

    i think it could mimic a parker spiral...maybe i dont know, does anyone know how i could set this up?
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    closing thread for moderation.
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    Thread will remain locked.
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