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Questions on electromagnetism

  1. Sep 5, 2014 #1
    I would like to know if this formula to convert a magnet's pulling force(lbs) to kGs is correct and reliable. I got it off this website http://www.trentatron.com/landing.htm

    Pull Force = 0.576 x Br² x (Th) x √‾A where
    Br = Flux Rating in KiloGauss
    Th = Thickness of Magnetized Surfaces in inches
    A = Surface Area (L x W) in inches

    Following that, is there a way to calculate the magnetic field strength between 2 magnets of opp. polarity based on the distance between them?
    Like for example:
    The stated magnetic field strength of both of the magnet's are 3.3 Teslas.
    They're 1.6" apart.
    So how do I calculate the magnetic field strength between them?

    Last of all. which of the 2 scenarios will generate a larger EMF?
    1) The sides of the magnet's magnetic field are cut by a coil of Copper wire. [Like how a Faraday(Shaking)Flashlight works.]
    2) The magnetic field between 2 opp. polarity magnet's are cut by a coil of Copper wire.
    *The magnets, No. of turns of the coil, and the speed of which the magnetic fields are being cut in both scenarios are all the same.*
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    The field drops off with the distance from the magnets, so it's not easy to get exactly. You are probably best asking trentatron, since they know what they mean by their stated magnetic field strength.
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