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Radiation amplitude

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    gravitational radiation is now widely accepted, and the mathematical
    outcome of an events radiation is calculable, but why is the inverse
    square law applicable to the amplitude of this radiation?
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    Anything that is spherically symmetric will obey the inverse square law as when it is moving from the centre of origin it is spreading its intensity over the surface of a larger sphere and as we know the surface of the sphere is related to its radius squared.
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    i must be careful here as i dont have the facts in front of me.
    i read some time ago that a 5TH power may have a short range
    effect on the ISl for gravity, and if this effect is not found then
    certain, "extra dimensions" theories can be ruled out, i think the
    EOT-WASH group have done tests in the mm range, but im not
    sure if these tests are conclusive.
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