Rate constant help for this reaction please

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Deciphering old journal's rate constant notation.
So I was looking for some rate constants for a certain reaction and I found these:


So I wanted to try them. The problem is, I have no idea how to correctly write the rate constants. Reactions number 1 to 6 is a no-brainer as it's simple Arrhenius. My problem is for rate constants 7 to 12. I am aware of evaluating T at Tr, the problem is I have no idea how to write the entire Arrhenius form and I am somehow unable to wrap my head around it. Can someone give me an idea how? Thanks.

EDIT: I'm guessing, but are these correct? I follow the equation then I compute the preexponential? For rate constant 7, this:

and for rate constant 12, this:
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What is the number 1700? Is that ρb? do you know that from somewhere? What else do you know?
Your denominator should have 220.5 in the exponential term, not 158.6. (And that means you should us a value of R in kJ/mol/k.)
Is the activation energy of -30.6 kJ/mol for reaction 6 a typo for 30.6? If not, then it's not "simple Arrhenius"!
With these caveats, I think you are on the right lines.
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Ah, yes. The variable ρb is 1700. And yeah, 158.6 is a typo, and it should be 220.5. Also, for reaction 6 apparently it's really -30.6 as stated by the paper.

Thanks for assuring me that I am somewhat 'okay'. I really appreciate it as I am really confused with this.

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