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Re-conditioning of Transformer oil

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    What is the procedure to recondition the mineral oil used in transformer so that it become useable again. Any helpful link or...
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    You should see if you can find information from the manufacturer. Depending on application, filtration might be recommended, heating under vacuum, separation in a centrifuge, or perhaps a combination of these.
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    There are companies that specialize in reconditioning transformer oil.
    Contact you power company and see if they will recommend someone.

    Reconditioning transformer oil requires equipment and techniques such that it is not practical for the ordinary transformer user to reconditioning their own oil.
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    I didn't realize how many things needs to be considered when reconditioning transformer oil. And as Carl Pugh mentions,
    Here are the services http://www.swelectric.com/onsite_oil.aspx" [Broken] provide:
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    Yeah, dlgoff, treatment and reclamation can be complex and expensive. I had a number of pulp mills as clients, and they all had Kraft chemical recovery boilers and power boilers and turbine-generator sets. They had sub-stations on site and though they had heavy power-generation equipment and very large transformers, I don't think any of them owned centrifuges, fullers-earth filters, heaters, vacuum systems etc. They hired contractors to clean up and recondition their transformer oils.
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    Hello Ottoman,

    I'd look for a local magnetics or transformer winding house. You may have to look in one of the larger cities to find one.

    Most of these places have equipment and oil on hand. Assuming your equipment didn't burn, than its likely just a matter of removing the old oil, baking out any moisture/solvents, and vacuum impregnating your transformer with fresh oil. As a company that deals with solvents on a day-to-day basis, they probably have a service to dispose of the waste oil.

    There is one thing to be careful of. The older transformers used some truly toxic oil and it requires special handling.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    got your point, but i think in common T/F which are used in stepping down voltages from 11KV to 220-440V also have oil, those oil can be easily re-conditioned in a Lab by a team of 2-3 peoples but if we talk about those T/F that step up voltages 11-KV after generation upto 500KV, those T/F need very efficient Staff to deal it.
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    This is an old discussion, however.

    kleanoil001 what is the cost for your system to re-condition transformer oil?
    What is included in your system? Vacuum pumps, filtration system (please describe), hoses, storage tank to hold oil from transformer, test equipment to determine quality of oil after it's processed........

    What sort of help do you provide with the organization processing the oil? Instructions on using your equipment, how to properly change or process transformer oil, procedure for disposing of contaminated oil, process for determining if there are PCB's in the oil.....

    For only one or a few transformers, it's much easier, cheaper and quicker to have a professional re-process the transformer oil.

    Disclaimer: I an not involved in any way with processing oil.
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    Carl,thanks for your questions!

    We produce and sell many kinds of oil reconditioning systems(single-stage and multi-stage vacuum) for transformer oil. The prices for our systems are from several thousand USD to tens of thousand USD, depending on the model, capacity, upgrade optionals of the particular unit.

    The oil purification systems work on heating, filtration and vacuum dehydration & degassing principle. They mainly consist of 4 systems. OIL TRANSFER SYSTEM, HEATING SYSTEM, FILTRATION SYSTEM and VACUUM SYSTEM.

    When on-line oil filtration is performed, storage tank will be needed nearby the transformer.

    Operating & maintenance manual or video supplied with each purifier. Our oil purification systems are designed to operate with the utmost simplicity and therefore typically they do not require prior training to operate, but we can provide on-site training service at request.

    If interested, please contact with me at oil.purifier.rocky@gmail.com , or visit http://www.kleanoil.com for more information about our transformer oil purification systems.
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