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Re: Flat Earth

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    There was a topic opened up in Skepticism and Debunking about a Flat Earth web site as it was locked(and rightly so) I don't want to step on anyones toes, I would like to take it to the GD area of the forum as the web site was really amusing. Is this OK, if not I'll drop it suffice to say it was a very amusing site and I would like to get some views about this sort of thing. Everyone likes a giggle right?:smile:
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    I remember when I was researching the 'solar neutrino problem' (for a college english class, nothing prestiguous) I came across some Society for an Electric Sun that seemed to believe the sun was electrically driven rather than fusion driven.
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    Hey 'dinger, thanks for re-opening this, because I wanted to mention something about it.

    It actually surprised me to find out that the FES is ridiculously naive and backwards. I was pretty sure (perhaps I read it somewhere) that FES was an earnest group that was trying to promote serious skepticism - that they didn't literally believe in a Flat Earth, rather they use it as a symbol for skepticism of the unchecked breakneck pace of scientific advancement.

    But I guess I was wrong.
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    OK so I guess it's not a problem for me to move this, if it is close it, but I thought it might be an interesting topic.:smile:
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