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Real-d 3d and mirror question

  1. Apr 6, 2013 #1
    I saw Jurassic Park 3d today and started tinkering with the glasses after I got home. Here, I noticed that if I close one eye and look in a plane mirror that the 'lens' with the closed eye is always clear and the 'lens' with the open eye is always dark. I understand that Real-d 3d works by using clockwise and counter-clockwise polarizations of light and polarizing it for the viewer one way for each eye, and if I'm recalling correctly light reflected off of mirrors only flips in polarization. I'm trying to piece this observation together, but feel like I am missing something to fully explain it.

    Can someone please help to fully explain or point out any incorrect parts, so that I can make sense of this?

    Edit: Solved- I was over-thinking it and did not realize what happens with light and 2 opposing polarization films.
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