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Really enjoying the new Mozilla firefox

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    Hi there.

    I'm really enjoying the new(ish) firefox, it's almost as close to the perfect browser for me as you can get now, I can zoom around it with ease. However, there is one (small thing) that's annoying me: I have pinned my favorite pages up so that whenever I open firefox it loads them too (I really like this feature, and how they're smaller. You don't need them to take up much room because you get used to them being there).

    There are a few news sites on there, and it's annoying that firefox loads them from history when it starts up- the point of news sites is for me to see new news!! Is there a way I can, for example, tell firefox to update my pages when I start it up?
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    Re: Mozilla firefox

    Side issue. Until Firefox 5 allows Realplayer streaming download, I'll stick to Firefox 4.
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    Re: Mozilla firefox

    It doesn't? That's very odd, never came across that issue myself though (to be fair, I don't use realplayer very often).

    I know my issue seems really nitpicky, and people will probably say just hit ctrl+R at the beginning, but if this is sorted, there'd be pretty much nothing I'd change about the current firefox in terms of user interface. I open it- my news sites email fb and other common pages are all up, and I zoom around the rest with keyboard commands. Just this last issue remains!
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    Re: Mozilla firefox

    This is hopefully a point they overlooked and should fix it when they update the browser.
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    Re: Mozilla firefox

    I asked them if there was a fix... they said to clear my history each time I close the browser :uhh:
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    Re: Mozilla firefox

    When you first prepare to download Firefox 5 it gives a list of add-ons that have not been implemented for Firefox 5. Realplayer streaming capture is on this list.
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