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Rearranging highschool physics equations

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    Hey I am in physics 30 and i am having trouble rearraging this eqaution: d=vt+1/2at^2

    V= velocity 1
    a= acceleration
    t= time

    I need to solve for t. Could anyone help me out with the rearranged equation
    by the way, the last t in the equation is supposed to be squared
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    That's a quadratic equation, [itex](1/2)at^2+ vt- d= 0[/itex] and can be solved using the "quadratic formula": if [itex]px^2+ qx+ r= 0[/itex], then
    [tex]x= \frac{-q\pm\sqrt{q^2- 4pr}}{2p}[/tex]

    Here, p= a/2, q= v, and r= -d.
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    that does not help me sorry.
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