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Reasons for choosing square antenna?

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    Square is not always better than circular, nor is there ever only one particular reason that would decide the case. You are looking at the selection process backwards. Without having a specific antenna application in mind it would not be possible to select an optimum antenna style.
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    Is such square shape consistent with the Poincare-Brouwer theorem? It seems not much?
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    Everything in the universe is consistent with the Poincare-Brouwer theorem.
    Please explain why you think it might not be consistent.
    How can something be "not much" or partially consistent?
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    I've read white papers claiming that square microstrip antennas have more desirable impedance matching characteristics and less side-lobe radiation than do circular microstrip antennas. Not wanting to repeat tedious simulation work to verify results, I simply apply the findings in faith. There is an abundance of scholarly articles on the subject.
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    Perhaps an easy way of considering this is that a square patch creates a square slot antenna, and this is equivalent to a square loop in terms of radiation pattern. With loop antennas, the differences in radiation pattern when you change the shape from square to circular are fairly small, it is the enclosed area which is important.
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