Recent Higgs searches at the LHC

  1. Hi all,

    Have any one idea about the recent Higgs searches at the LHC ?
    I mean after finding the SM Higgs , is there now any trials to find another Higgs ?
    or just now they are confirming and rechecking data, for example if the newly discovered Higgs is the SM one
    or " SM- like Higgs".

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  3. mfb

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    Yeah sure.
    That happens at the same time.

    ATLAS results
    CMS results
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  4. # is there now any trials to find another Higgs ?
    Yeah sure.

    I think there no a big necessity in nature to find a second Higgs, weather if we want to investigate physics beyond SM,
    like SUSY for example , is not ?
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    SUSY always comes with multiple Higgs particles, and some other models have similar particles as well.
  6. Let us find selectron first. Another higgs will be needed later.
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    I guess the Higgs will play a greater role for low energy SuSy (hierarchy problem)...
  8. Given the energy scale to which we have gone, it will be better to find a selectron otherwise the mass differences of SUSY partners will be too huge and the cancellation needed for solving the hierarchy problem will be in a little trouble.
  9. mfb

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    I guess that depends on the SUSY model.
    Anyway, it is a fact that searches for additional Higgs-like particles are ongoing.
  10. Well it is stops, not selectrons, that are the hot topic for that reason. The corrections to the Higgs mass which constitute the hierarchy problem are connected to the yukawa couplings, that is the fermion masses. The top is the heaviest fermion by a lot, so they have the largest yukawa coupling, so their superpartners, the stops, also have big yukawa couplings. So they, naively speaking, are the particles which need to be light to give naturalness a chance. Selectrons have very small yukawa couplings so they aren't such a big deal and could be really heavy without much problem.

    It is more complicated than that and depends on model details of course, but that is the general picture which drives a lot of the SUSY searches.
  11. This is not the point, the point is that superpartners are not supposed to be very heavy compared to their partner particle. So selectron is not supposed to be very heavy as compared to electron and it is wrong that hierarchy problem is connected to the yukawa coupling directly. It is rather connected to the self interaction energy of a scalar particle which contributes to it's mass and fermions and bosons connected by supersymmetry contribute equal and opposite to balance the correction. If the masses don't differ by too much, then cancellation can be carried out for the higgs mass.
  12. Yes but the amount of mass difference which is "too much" scales with the yukawa coupling. So |m_stop - m_top| is not "allowed" to be as large as |m_selectron - m_electron| is "allowed" to be.

    edit: that is, at 1-loop the MSSM higgs mass goes like


    where only the stop/top mass ratio is mentioned because it is dominant (also ignoring a-terms and such)
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  13. Yes, that is true but it will be dependent on the SUSY model and we would really not like it to be too far off with the given energy scales we have reached.
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