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News Recommend me some books

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    Hi, I feel kinda stupid writing this but, I'm not very much into politics, but I want to know more about about it. I know the basics of political parties and such, but I want to learn more bout that. So does anyone know of any good books about modern political parties in america?

    Thanks in advance.
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    what about michael moore's stuff? it's pretty easy to read. you could get his documentaries also, or any other recent documentary. i just got "the high cost of a low price" which is all about walmart & i've got on order "enron: the smartest men in the room" which is of course all about the whole enron scam. there's a book out with the same title as well i think. a bit more "advanced" is the corporation by canadian law prof joel bakan. i know moore really likes investigative reporter greg palast & i've read a lot of his. (www.gregpalast.com) [Broken]. he's got a hilarious/disgusting/informative book out called 'the best democracy money can buy' which is one of my favourites. edwin black's "ibm & the holocaust" was an instant classic when it came out; it goes through all the details of how ibm was instrumental in the slaughter of misc ppl during wwii. it kind of depends on where you live; i can think of lots of great stuff that would probably be interesting only to canadians but less about the US specifically. if you haven't followed politics much i would suggest books that are more like 'entertainment' than textbooks since (crucially depending on the author) they give you the facts while remaining 'accessible'. if you want to read about canada's situation & never have before i'd recommend mel hurtig's "the vanishing country".
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    The real story series with authors like ,Noam Chomsky, is quite good. The 'Unseen Hand', I don't remember the author offhand. Al Franken, M. Moore(already mentioned above) are good.
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    Is there a local university in your area? They probably have a course on national politics. Find out what it is, and buy the text book for it. (unless its one of those weird ones that only sells books to students)
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    Liberalism is a mental disorder by Michael Savage. :smile:
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    as i said, some books are better than others... :wink:
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    Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them -Al Franken
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    Can you help me ComputerGeek, I'm thinking of another one of his books (Al Franken?) 'Stupid something'.
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    The new one is "The Truth with Jokes"

    Then there is "Rush Limbagh is a Big Fat Idiot"
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    The only book I know that starts with Stupid, is Stupid White Men by Michael Moore.
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    "The Good Fight", Ralphie Nader, great for anyone who isn't sure what the big deal is about campaign finance reform, among many other topics.
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    oh yeah! i forgot about william blum! his books are fairly 'accessible' and extremely well-documented. his & chomsky's are more well-documented than just about any other political books i know of. his "piece de resistance" is killing hope: US military & CIA interventions since WWII. other excellent books by him are "rogue state: a guide to the world's only superpower" (recently got OBL's endorsement, apparently) & "freeing the world to death: essays on the american empire". blum has a couple of my all-time favourite quotations:

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