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Recommended introductory books to Physics?

  1. Nov 20, 2011 #1

    I recently joined this forum and so far it has been great. I had one question though. I am a freshman in high school and I am really interested in physics, especially cosmology. Although I am taking biology this year, I will take physics next year. I was just wondering which books you would recommend I read to get a head start in physics and to help me understand the basic principles.

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    I wouldn't worry about "getting a head start". It's still early in school for you. Concentrate on understanding your mathematics, because if you have any trouble in understanding the physics at that level it is most likely because you don't understand the maths.

    So basically, just focus on doing well in mathematics and understanding it. Maybe read ahead in the textbook if you are already doing well, or ask your teacher for more challenging material.

    If you want to read a physics book try Feynman's The Character of Physical Law:
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    Thanks for the tips qspeechc! I´m doing quite well in my math class so I think I might take your advice and get some harder material. The book looks good as well.
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    I got the book and so far it is really interesting and easy to follow. Thanks again
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