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Red-Green color blindness and being an EE

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    Hi, I am an optometrist, and electrical engineering students come to us worried about passing color vision portions of tests. Would a deep red colored contact lens such as X-chrom in one eye be helpful in passing a test or in your everyday work, or would it be too distracting and create more problems? Do some companies or sub-specialties completely disqualify those with red-green color blindness?
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    I don't know the answer to your first question but I have done component level design for many years for a number of different companies and never have bee asked to take a color blindness test. I used to work with an engineer who was colorblind and he always measured resistors before he used them.
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    My father and a friend from high school were both color blind and each encountered jobs where they were discriminated against because color perception was essential to the work.
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    Probably ... when I started at a telecom company, the first thing they did was to check to see if I could correctly see the colour coded wires
    It would have been pointless if I couldn't differentiate the colours

    standard underground telephone cables
    A legs white, red, black, yellow, violet
    B legs blue, orange, green, brown, slate

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