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Redundant Power Monitoring and Switching

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    Was wondering if anyone can help on what can be used to monitor two 110V AC power source and switching automatically when the primary source fails without delay?

    Thanks in advance.
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    How big of 110V load are you trying to carry? If it is a computer, you can usually just plug into a UPS. The bigger the UPS, the longer it will run before it runs out of battery charge. The UPS provides direct power off of the battery so that the protected device does not see any power outage until the UPS is discharged, hence bigger equals lasting longer.
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    This is not a trivial problem - that is why most critical loads are on UPS - it is far easier to have 2 AC supply to the battery and then one output.

    What is the load
    V and I requirements
    How sensitive to transients, drop outs - etc.
    What is without delay? ( within one half cycle) or sub- cycle
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    jim hardy

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    Search on "zero break static transfer switch"
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