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I Relate inclined plane's angle of incline to FBD's weight COM

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    Please show me the relationship that proves how an inclined plane's angle of incline, θ, is equal to the angle used to find the components of gravity force.

    I know that the angles are the same, but I'd like a way to show it.


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    Thanks for the reply! I do appreciate your help, and support.
    I understand similar triangles.

    I am looking for a relationship that is simple to communicate with students. Currently, I use a physical model with a weighted string, & some cardboard arrows to show the x & y axis.

    All help & discussion is appreciated.
    I would appreciate it a little more if you could find, or show me the relationship explicitly; instead of, implying the relationship is there, & I'm too stupid to figure it out. I'd like the proof. I expect parallel line theorem is used. Is this true? Can someone show this to me, please.

    Thank you!
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    Elegant & Exact.
    A sincere Thank You!
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