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Relation between refractive index and density of material

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    Hello all,
    I had clarified that refractive index of material such as(aluminium, copper, lead, teflon)changes with the temperature.
    the refractive index change even for this temperature range: -196 to 25°C ?
    I need to know like any law which gives a direct relationship between
    1)the density and refractive index of material.
    2) relation between temperature and refractive index.
    eg.) in field of polymer lorentz lorentz law gives the direct relationship between refractive index and density.

    Thanks in advance
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    Simon Bridge

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    ... note: it may not change very much over that temperature range.
    The refractive index is an emergent property that comes from quantum mechanics.
    There is no law which gives a direct relationship for everything, just as the polymer-lorentz law does not hold for all materials all the time.

    I'm afraid you need to be more specific.
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