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Relationship between magnetic field strength and voltage

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    So I'm really confused with the relationship between magnetic field strength and voltage. Say you have a battery (with a DC voltage) with 4 coils, when voltage increases, does magnetic field strength increase? Is there any law (i.e. Faraday's law) that supports this?
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    The magnetic field strength is given by B=nIl where B is the magnetic field, n is the number of turns per metre of the wire of length l metres that makes up the coil and I is the current flowing through the coil.

    The current flowing through the coil is given by Ohm's Law I=V/R where V is the potential difference in volts between the ends of the wire of the coil and R is the resistance of the coil.

    So yes, if all else stays the same, increasing the voltage will increase the current which will increase the magnetic field.
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