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Relationship between wave propagation speed frequency

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    if we assume that the wave propagation-speed in a medium is v, does this imply that there is an "upper-bound" for the maximum frequency that a perturbation can produce?
    Or are these totally unrelated quantities?

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    ok...I am still confused.

    1) First of all: is it true that any medium, for example the air, can "vibrate" at any speed, although the vibration will propagate only at a certain speed (e.g. the speed of sound)?

    2) Even if point 1) is correct, think about a source-receiver scenario. A source emits a wave by perturbing the medium at an extremely high frequency. However the vibration propagates through the medium extremely slowly. The receiver will "record" a much lower frequency than the one emitted.
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    The receiver will record the same frequency, only much later, due to the slow propagation.
    The propagation speed determines the delay between the signal emission and reception.
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