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Homework Help: Relationship of Power and cross sectional area to electric field

  1. Nov 8, 2009 #1
    I am having difficulty finding the equation or relationship between power (watts) and cross sectional area (m2) to finding the value of an electric field.

    I am just confused and can't seem to understand and my textbook isn't making sense to me

    Any help would be appreciated and I apologize if this is the wrong forum as this is my first post
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    Thread moved to HH/Intro Physics.

    Welcome to the PF, Murphy. Are you asking about the power dissipated in a resistive medium due to the electric field across it and its cross-sectional area? If so, then you need to use the cross-sectional area and the linear distance across the medium to calculate the resistance, and use the electric field to calculate the current through that resistive material/medium.

    Could you please clarify what you are asking about? And please list any relevant equations that you are aware of, and see if you can suggest ways of approaching the problem?
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