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  1. qnach

    A Software for cross section calculations using .cif files

    Is there any software available to calculate cross section using .cif file?
  2. Armando Arizpe

    Elongation With change in Force

    Homework Statement If said percentage of a maximum load (Max load 35N and 30% of that load) is held by a wire, by what percent of its length will it stretch? Homework Equations ΔL/L = FA/Y Y = Youngs modulus The Attempt at a Solution (All values are random, just trying to understand the...
  3. G

    A cube of side L=2 m is made of a cooper cable with 2mm^2

    Homework Statement A cube of side L=2m is made of a cooper cable with 2mm^2 of cross section area. 1) Find the electric resistance of one side of the cube. 2) Find the equivalent resistance in between the points A and B.
  4. T

    Calculate terminal velocity when given cross sectional area

    Homework Statement Two packages are dropped from an airplane. A parachute can increase the cross sectional area of each packages by a factor of 31. The parachute on package 1 fails to open, and the terminal speed of package 1 is 10 m/s. The parachute on package 2 opens. What is the terminal...