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Relay Control System (Normally Open,Held close)

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    Hi guys, currently i am stuck with the limit switches in the sequential control circuit.

    the Normally open,heldclosed, Normally closed,held open , normally closed and normnally open.

    Let's say if bo is NO,HC. so the switch will be normally open then once bo is actuated then the switch will be closed?
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    Hi stags! Welcome to Physics Forums!

    I cannot understand your question from what you've written. What's "bo" What application is the sequential control circuit being used in? Is there a schematic diagram at some website? Is there a manual of operation with a simple theory of operation?

    If you post a diagram of your thought problem members here may be able to assist you.

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    Hi bobbywhy,

    I am talking about pneumatic cylinder so when the cylinder is at retract position it is at the a0 position, when it is at the fully extended position then it will be a1.

    The alphabet doesn't matter.
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