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Repairing concrete structures using composites

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    I've been searching for a while, but all the knowledge related to this field seems to be developed on field, so, does people here has any data related to such kind of repair ?

    I'm mechanical engineer whiling to relocate my field of actuation to this area, repair and reinforcement of structures using composite materials, more specifically, carbon fiber as I've already seen it being used for such kind of applications.

    Hope people here can help,

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    Hello Reno Nza,
    welcome to PF

    A good field to be in - composites.

    Every repair would be different. Surface coverings, crack repair, stresses, environment, accessability, endurance would be just some of the factors to consider when choosing a repair method and materials. Some standards could be applied for similar settings such as home basements or structures, road surfaces. In other particular cases the whole engineering route would have to be taken such as for bridge repair or underground pipes.
    You should make yourself familiar with composites and get to know all there is about them.

    Here is a pdf that just touches on the subject.
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    @Reno Nza - you could not have done much research on this subject - there are encyclopedias of information online :

    Search on any of :

    Epoxy concrete

    Epoxy concrete for machine construction .

    Epoxy Marble

    Fibre reinforced concrete

    Carbon fibre reinforced concrete epoxy

    I've some personal experience of designing machine components using Epoxy concrete .

    Fibre reinforced concrete epoxy has been successfully used to repair railway viaducts in the UK
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